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Warren MacKenzie Warren MacKenzie Warren Mackenzie


“I am a potter; a maker of containers and useful objects. The repetition of form and ideas over months and even years allows them to sink into the subconscious and to surface again, transmuted by changes in myself and in my environment. If one considers all the elements a potter  has to work with – choice of clay (color, texture, vitrification, firing temperature), shape, surface texture, decoration, glaze, firing conditions, choice of fuels – plus the indefinite quality that separates one potter’s work  from another through gesture or rhythm of making, it seems obvious that there are no limitations on expression just because a pot is a useful object. Expression and communication as a combination of conscious and unconscious controls seem to me to be the most important goal of the hand potter or any other creative person.”

From:  “Warren MacKenzie and the Straight Pot”, by John Reeve.
                   Craft Horizons, Vol. 36, No. 3 (1976)

~ ~ ~

On his pots: "They are the way they are because I am the way I am".  (1987)


Warren MacKenzie
Photo Credit: Jean Pieri, St. Paul Pioneer Press

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