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Jim Lorio Jim Lorio Jim Lorio

The most persistent intent in my work is a concern for “richness.” The richness in the relationship between me and the pots, the richness of form, the quality of glaze and decoration that enlivens that form, the richness of the contact of the pots with fire as they come to final form, and then the richness of the experience possible, in use, between the pots and their owners.

I believe pots, as objects, have the ability to hold our capacity for expression. A functional pot holds this potential within a form that serves other needs as well, those of utility. And I believe pots can transmit this expression directly, every bit as clear and much more intimately than the spoken word.

Pots with this capacity glow with life and live, humming, just a few fractions of an inch in the air above the surface upon which they are supposed to reside. And I love it when my pots hum.


Jim Lorio
790 So. Cherryvale Rd.
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 499-3850

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