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Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson Janel Jacobson


Since moving to Sunrise, Minnesota in 1975 as a potter in love with making pottery for daily use, I have worked in stoneware, porcelain and wood. The continuum for change grew from a compelling desire to carve detailed images, first in stoneware, then in porcelain and then in wood.  Between 1995 and 2016 my focus was on small sculptural wood pieces. Those wood carving years between 1995 and 2016 were interspersed with several enjoyable episodes of pottery making, keeping the love of making pots alive until I returned to full-time pottery making in 2016.  The joy of using pots every day goes hand in hand with loving to make useful pots for others to incorporate into their daily lives.

Janel Jacobson

Janel Jacobson

Carved porcelain pieces, from the 1980's.

Janel Jacobson

Will & Janel

Sunrise Pottery
1975 to present - is in its 42nd year
in Sunrise, Minnesota

Will Swanson and I share this studio.

Janel Jacobson
41421 Ferry Road
(in Sunrise)
Harris, MN 55032
(651) 674-4555

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