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Bill Gossman
Bill Gossman Bill Gossman

As a ceramic artist, I work hard at all phases of the process but the end result is what I am judged by.  I incorporate elements of nature and everyday life that is all around us and I use details of patterns and images of these elements in my work.  I strive to show the beauty of details found in mundane and common things by using simple tools to make my work and keeping the work simple and straightforward to highlight details that are often overlooked.  I want to use the clay and the forming and firing process to capture the beauty of the material with an emphasis on simplicity and singularity.   This encourages the viewer to explore the work more in depth.

I speak through my work in a non-verbal language.  With every finished piece, I am trying to raise the awareness of the viewer and encourage the viewer to look closer and explore the details of the materials, and contemplate the process that is involved in the creation of the piece.


Bill Gossman
Potter & Mayor of New London, MN
Box 312
New London, MN 56273
(320) 354-5723

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